Positrust is a Finance Technology (FinTech) firm established in 2014. Positrust provides expert delivery capabilities in the plan, build and deployment of technology transformation initiatives. Most entities in the financial services industry are looking to accelerate their digital transitions. All Positrust implementations in Finance, Capital, or Trade benefit from exceptional in-house legal guidance in order to meet the demanding enforcement climate associated with Blockchain projects and ensure regulatory compliance. Frontier market safe-haven asset solutions are available for select clients.

Value Exchange Platforms Simplified™


Expanding global private capital flows leveraging Blockchain Technology

As a technology firm focused on helping clients digitize their financial services offerings, sizable ecosystems have developed creating opportunities for the efficient allocation of capital. Distributed Ledger technology reduces the complexity and traditional costs associated with asset management platforms. The resultant reduction in CapEx and increase in internal rate of return drives the rate of adoption.

Who are the Clients

  • Family Offices
  • Private Equity
  • Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds

Primary Services

  • Asset Digitization
  • CodeFi Assets
  • Digital Security Offerings
  • Production-Ready Blockchain Solutions
  • DeFi Legal Management and Compliance Readiness Services
  • MetaMask Institutional, NFTs

Who are the Clients

  • Central Banks (South)
  • International Banks
  • Select Referal Clients

Primary Services

  • Payments Platforms & Remittance Solutions
  • Capital Flow Advisory Services
  • DeFi and TradeFi Solutions
  • Integration of Capital Markets
  • On/Off-Ramps to Deep Liquidity Pools
  • Secure Safe-Haven Asset Solutions

Institutionalization of capital flow rails in frontier markets at scale

Research into central bank digital currencies is now happening globally. Novel approaches to macro capital management within national borders is surfacing capital flow models not previously available without Blockchain technology. Positrust is at the forefront of building frameworks that allow frontier and marginalized markets opportunities to rapidly mature national digital capabilities.


Supply-Chain Optimization using Blockchain to streamline North-South Trade

Throughout the global supply chain, significant levels of inefficiency exist. Often remedial solutions are costly and don't adequately address life-cycle gaps. Well-designed  Blockchain technology solutions seamlessly bridge shortcomings, allowing source countries to realize efficiency gains that immediately show up on the balance sheet.

Who are the Clients

  • Commodity Exporters
  • Agri-Industrial Entities
  • Governments

Primary Services

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Export Market Integrations
  • Export Product Traceability
  • Payments & Trade Finance Solutions
  • The Farmer Pilot Project