Positrust is a technology company operating a value exchange platform using Distributed Ledger Technology.  Positrust was re-established in 2014 in the state of Connecticut.  Positrust's operating principles include Education, Integration, and Execution.


In 2005, a tech start-up firm by the same name was launched. In January 2007, it released its first product as a beta smartsourcing platform.  Funding constraints driven by the prevailing market conditions led the founding partners to postpone the start-up and avoid what turned out to be The Great Recession.  In 2009 the firm was dissolved.



In 2014, Positrust was re-established as a value exchange platform provider to support various technology projects.  A strategic decision was made in 2015 to pivot towards leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology in the development of pilot initiatives.  One of the challenges that quickly emerged was the lack of expert talent.  A thorough review of available training and certification programs surfaced a significant gap in industry appropriate training solutions.


In early 2016, Positrust made the decision to collaborate with industry leaders to help establish industry relevant Distributed Ledger Technology training.  The training strategy is vendor agnostic, thereby accelerating the commoditization of Distributed Ledger knowledge.  The simple objective:  increase the availability of expert Distributed Ledger Technology talent.

Positrust actively supports the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology, while continuing to expand the capabilities of its value exchange platform offering.

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