The team is comprised of industry experts who have excelled at the constant challenge of solving next-gen tech-challenges for the most demanding (Tier-One) enterprises in global finance. As DLT specialists, we have a deep bench of definitive implementation talent experienced in the execution of Blockchain initiatives in the Finance and Capital verticals. We are also experts in the most conservative and oldest form of global store-of-value @ scale - Gold. As a hybrid business entity, we focus on base case scenarios that ensure that aspects of value transfer are simplified, secure and scalable.



Global private capital flows leveraging Blockchain Tech and Traditional Assets

As a technology firm focused on helping clients digitize their financial services offerings, sizable ecosystems have developed creating opportunities for the efficient allocation of capital. Distributed Ledger technology reduces the complexity and traditional costs associated with asset management platforms.The resultant reduction in CapEx and increase in internal rate of return drives the rate of adoption. Conversely for extreme risk-off scenarios, traditional solutions can be deployed as well.


Institutionalization of secure capital flow rails in frontier markets @ scale

Central bank digital currencies are a global reality. Novel approaches to macro capital management within national borders is surfacing capital flow models not previously available without Blockchain technology. Positrust is at the forefront of building frameworks that allow frontier and marginalized markets to rapidly mature national digital capabilities. We also source traditional stores of value.


Supply-Chain Optimization and trust-based relationships streamline North-South Trade.

Throughout the global supply chain, significant levels of inefficiency exist.Additionally, in the current environment of “de-globalization”, trust is at a great premium. Well-designed Blockchain technology solutions, coupled with deep trust-based relationships bridge shortcomings, allowing source countries to realize efficiency gains that immediately show up on the balance sheet.