As the world tackles and seeks to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, three economic themes stand out:

  1. Severe near-term economic contraction

  2. Increase in digital transformation agendas

  3. The reality of a trust-based touchless world

These themes have forced corporate leaders to evaluate the technical capabilities of their organizations and the effectiveness of their technology spend. Corporate leaders recognize that the effective implementation of technology can be a significant competitive differentiator.



An individual looking to earn professional certifications and operational expertise in current high-demand tech skills.


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Individuals at all levels of technology capability, from beginner to expert, looking

to keep themselves professionally marketable.

Professional Knowledge Transfer Program

Upskilling in the professional domain is entirely driven by the ability to be productive day 1. Oftentimes many years of experience in top tier corporate environments is the determinant of day 1 effectiveness. Afterall, it is assumed that most technology tools are similar at most corporations, only the corporate cultures are the major differences. The Positrust Knowledge Transfer Program, doesn’t assume that multiple years is relevant only because, multiple years can also represent stale professional capabilities.


An executive-level individual looking to master core skills and highly marketable technology management capabilities.



An individual looking to augment their capabilities in a highly competitive job market.



An individual looking to acquire cutting edge skills and a contextual understanding of the modern technology delivery paradigm.


Executive Knowledge Transfer Program

Upskilling programs generally focus on technical skills only. However, most executives don't have an interest in learning just one technology or becoming an IT expert. Today's competitive landscape requires business executives have a fair level of core technology competency in addition to business domain expertise. A key differentiator for next generation enterprise leadership, is a high degree of comfort with their company’s technology value proposition. A better understanding of the levers that drive technology efficiency can only help an enterprise leader’s effectiveness in driving business success.